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Jos Lansink is a renowned figure in the equestrian world, particularly in show jumping. 

Known for his skill and success as a rider, Jos runs also an international horse trading stable with clients from all over the world. 

His success in trading likely stems from his deep knowledge of horses, their training, and their potential for competition.

The stable employed some international riders which are daily coached by Jos.




Jos Lansink is also very active in breeding stallions. At the stable Jos has 6 breeding stallions with a lot of potential and out of the best Sires en Damlines.

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Jos Lansink is renowned for his expertise in coaching and training horses and riders for show jumping.

Since 2021 Jos Lansink is also the National coach of the Dutch jumping team.

With years of experience as a top-level rider himself, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching role.

Lansink emphasizes a holistic approach to horse training, focusing not only on physical conditioning but also on mental preparedness and partnership between horse and rider.

His methods prioritize the well-being and happiness of the horse, ensuring they are both physically fit and mentally engaged in their work.

Through his guidance, Lansink helps horses reach their full potential, enabling them to excel in the demanding sport of show jumping.



Jos was born in Weerselo (Netherlands) on 19th March 1961. At the age of 3 he started riding his first pony. On his 12th he became the Dutch Champion for the first time.
As the oldest son he was expected to take over the farm, but his heart was with the horses. On his 18th he changed from ponies to horses.

In 1988 he achieved his first international successes with the horse Felix. After a few grand-prix victories he took part in his first Olympic Games. As an individual he became 7th in Seoul.

After Felix came the real toppers: Egano and Libero. With Jos, Egano won many Grand-Prix contests, the highlight was the Olympic gold in Barcelona.

After many victories in Grand Prix contests, he won the World Cup Final in 1994 in ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) with Libero H.

In 1996 Jos changed to Zangersheide in Lanaken, Belgium.
With stallion Carthago he took part in the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney.
With Caridor he won the bronze medal at the World Championship in Jerez de la Frontera in 2002, together with the Belgian team. With Caridor Jos rode two clear rounds in the international contest. As an individual, he finished on the 6th place.

In 2004 he became self-employed and started an own jumping-, and trading stable. That year he won the highest endowed Grand Prix in Galgary, Canada, with the impressive stallion Cumano.

In 2006 he became World Champion with Cavalor Cumano at the WEG in Aachen, Germany. In his career he gained the National Title nine times: eight for The Netherlands and one for Belgium.