Jos Lansink world champion with Cavalor Cumano

Jos Lansink world champion with Cavalor Cumano

After 5 tough rounds, Jos was allowed to join the Final Four on Sunday!

Together with 3 riders he competed for the world title.

His gray Cavalor Cumano made no mistake with any of the finalists and jumped sky-high over the obstacles.

After one mistake by Edwina Alexander, a jump-off had to decide.

Jos had to take the lead in this blood-curdling jump-off. He rode a "world tour" with Cavalor Cumano! Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum had to make one mistake with her horse Shutterfly. Beezie Madden kept it exciting until the last jump, where her horse Authentic made a mistake.

At that moment Jos had won the World title.

His horse Cavalor Cumano was honored as the best horse of the World Championship!